About me 

My experience for every task

The company Disainistudio Merle Eek was established in 2002. I myself have been engaged in design for over 29 years. To have been lucky to have the best clients and have been able to design very interesting objects.

The studio is hardworking and we are attracted by new and interesting challenges in designing. Our philosophy is based on teamwork; "One is too small of a number to do great things".

We just do our job well

I am very happy that the company has many loyal customers with whom over the years we have continuously developed new projects and offered people new experiences in everyday life.

During my career, I have had the opportunity to design several hotels, Estonia's largest spas V SPA, Viimsi SPA, Grand Rose SPA, etc., several night clubs, e.g. Venus Club, restaurants, cafes, offices, private clinics, sports complexes and private objects. Every year, new completed objects are continuously added to the list of completed works.

When designing, we use licensed design software and are based on good design practice and the customer's wishes.

Career path of the founder 

  • In 1989, I graduated from the 20th secondary school in Tallinn.
  • In 1994, I obtained secondary special education at Tallinn Higher Technical School in the specialty of architectural technician, and in 1998, I received higher education in the specialty of construction architect.
  • In 2004, I defended my master's degree in psychology at Tallinn University.
  • Since 1994 I started working at Olof Granlund Eesti Oü. The tasks were the work of an architectural technician and AutoCad drawing.
  • Since 2002, I have owned my own design office, Disainistudio Merle Eek Oü. My goal is to create a complete project from its first solutions to the final result
  • I am a member of the AchiCad club.
  • During my career, I have had the opportunity to design several hotels, spas, nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, offices, sports complexes, as well as private objects.
  • Since 2022, I am a member of the Estonian Union of Interior Architects (ESL)
  • Since 2022, own; Chartered Interior Architect, Level 7
  • In 1998-1999, I worked as an interior architect at Boom Oü. My tasks were the preparation of interior architectural projects, AutoCad design, communication with the client/builder and author supervision.